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Editorial Illustration

In early March of 2023 I was invited by a fellow student at SCAD to create an illustration for an article released later that week. This piece was created within a short timeline of three days and was completed under the direction of Gab K De Jesus (B.F.A Illustration) for SCAD RenderQ.

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Red Dot Series 2020-2021

Below are some of my strongest pieces from my Red Dot series. This series consists of over thirty drawings of some of my favorite animals, fantasy and real. It all started from a portrait of my Asian Forest Scorpion, Palpatine, which I drew in December of 2020. I’ve continued adding to this series all the way up into October of 2021.

Inktober 2021

Inktober is an extremely popular art challenge that happens every October. It consists of 31 1-word prompts. It’s completely self directed, you can do one drawing per day, or draw them weekly. It’s a challenge that pushes your technical and creative skills. You can find more information (and this year’s prompts) following this link: